Acupuncture and IVF treatment


For this difficult time, Acupuncture can prove very supportive. Researchers in Germany have reported an increase of almost 50% in success rates for women undergoing IVF treatment, when they use Acupuncture to balance the body’s energy. Acupuncture helps to make the whole process more manageable and less stressful. Recently, more media coverage has made its effectiveness become better known.

Your consultation

Your first consultation and treatment will be one and a half hours. This allows time for a full discussion of your symptoms and health history and enables me to formulate your treatment plan. Follow up treatments are a full hour. I feel that this is important to enable you to discuss anything regarding your problem and to not feel rushed.

Free Initial Consultation

Your choice of practitioner is important. You need to feel happy and comfortable -and so I offer all prospective patients a free 20 minute consultation, either in person or by phone. This allows you to ask questions and decide whether acupuncture is right for you. Please see the contact page for details.