How does this work?

kanji text imageWe do a video consultation using your PC or smartphone,or just by phone call if you prefer.

My online consultations involve taking a full medical history and using techniques to help you feel well supported and calm. These include :

  • Dietary therapy
  • Chinese health exercises /Qi Gong
  • Breathing techniques
  • Self-acupressure
  • Moxibustion
  • Lifestyle help and advice

This is an alternative approach to healing - a way to address both acute and chronic conditions.

Even if you have not been unfortunate enough to have suffered from Covid 19, having an experienced practitioner listen to your symptoms and think about them from another perspective can be really helpful and provide a real basis for change.

The above methods help to promote recovery and strengthen the body after illness, but are also of great benefit if you are just stressed, low on energy, not sleeping well or experiencing any of the problems that I normally treat with Acupuncture. My practice is very holistic and even during 'normal' times I use all relevant methods to help my patients.

As with Acupuncture enquiries, you are welcome to have an initial free 20 minute consultation by phone to ask any questions and help you to discover how Chinese medicine can help you.

I suggest an first consultation with a follow-up approximately one week later - but further sessions can be arranged depending on your needs.

consulting room